Freitag, 29. April 2011

TV ident month: Brazilian Telenovelas

While browsing through telenovela idents, I also stumbled upon this fantastic Psyché Rock rip off (and one can never have enough Psyché Rock rip offs).

Dienstag, 26. April 2011

TV ident month: exclusive Bruno Spoerri stuff

Swiss electronic music pionneer and jazzman Bruno Spoerri  - among many other things - composed, played and recorded the music for over 500 TV ads and for many TV idents. I got hold of two fine examples he made for Swiss national broadcast.
"Wer gwünnt?" was a very popular quiz show that was broadcasted from 1973-1977. Bruno Spoerri's title music can be found on the Spoerri-compilation "Glückskugel"  that Finders Keepers records released in 2006 (needless to say that this record is a must-have). An excerpt from the show with jingles by Spoerri can be found here.
The second video is the ident for "Schulfernsehen"(educational TV) from 1982. It made me a Spoerri fan approx. 20 years before I heard his name.

Donnerstag, 14. April 2011

TV ident month: sporty Italians

Sporty, jazzy Italians.

Bonustrack (sporty disco Italians):

I love video feedback and don't mind semi-cheesy disco funk, but don't you think the VHS-glitch makes this much better?

Samstag, 9. April 2011

TV ident month: Commercial break & geometric germans

Northern German commercial break announcement, 70s.

We interrupt our programme for the following ad:

I'm organising a little soirée with some of my favorite DJs. Please drop by if you're in our corner of the world.

Now back to our programme, to the WDR channel, West Germany:

What's on? Oh, it's Educational TV (probably on geometry).

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

TV ident month: electronic wildlife

Amazing exotic-electronic theme music for wildlife documentary series... Mort Garson (who composed many TV and film themes as well as top ten hits and Moog concept albums about occultism or plants) and Bob Way...

...and by Beatrice Witkin and Gerhard Trede. Gerhard Trede is also responsible for the best tracks of the German library music label Selected Sound (imho, that is). I'm not sure if these are collaborations or not. I guess not. The end theme sounds very much like Trede to me. Note to self: have to find out more about Beatrice Witkin's work.

Sonntag, 3. April 2011

April is TV ident month

April is TV ident month here on dispokino. There will be some sporty Italians, melancholic French, exclusive Bruno Spoerri ident material for Swiss TV, electronic wildlife and an insight into an extensive Yugoslavian news ident project.
Let's open the Dossier:

Two in one: TG2 general ident (as used 1976-83) and "Dossier". TG2 is the news label of Italy's RAI 2 channel.
Music of "Dossier" by none other than Franco Battiato ("Propiedad Prohibida" from his 1974 Album "Clic").