Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Irmin Schmidt and Bruno Spoerri - Toy Planet. An article from 1981

Found in: Electronics & Music Maker, London, issue August 1981, my scan

The 1981 album Toy Planet was a collaboration between the Swiss electronic music pioneer (and Jazzman) Bruno Spoerri and Irmin Schmidt (of Can fame). This article tells you what synths and fx they used, how many layers of sound they produced to achieve a certain sound (up to 112!) and that Schmidt's wife Hildegard's dissaproval of one track forced them to start it from scratch.

Mittwoch, 22. Februar 2012

intercontinental psychedelic dance party

I'm organising a little intercontinental psychedelic dance party this friday. Let me know if you're on my corner of the world (Basel, Switzerland) and come to the party! DJ Mahssa from Los Angeles will play, who compiled the wonderful "Pomegranates" record with persian pre-revolutionary pop.

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

Expo 64 pics from Schweizerische Polierzeitung

Pictures from articles about the Swiss National Exhibition of 1964 in Lausanne from Schweizerische Polierzeitung, the Swiss Construction Foremen Magazine. In issue 4/64 they especially covered the construction of the pavillion of the Swiss Army in detail (pavillion "Wehrhafte Schweiz", most pics and floor plan above) - what could be a better representation of the simultaneity of modernism and cold war than a concrete hedgehog?
Expo 64 was the third Swiss National Exhibition in the 20th century (after 1914 and 39), the last Expo so far took place in  2002.

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Dienstag, 7. Februar 2012

The Music Machine

NRC 1971. The Music Machine. 11 minute 16 mm film produced by the National Research Council of Canada.
Featuring excellent music by Lawrence Crosley.
The best bits start at 4:47 and 6:54.

Thanks to the uploader of this video, computer scientist Bill Buxton who worked with this computer in 1971!