Freitag, 27. Januar 2012

nice logos on bad records

Some interesting tiny graphic design bits found on rather uninteresting sounding records.

Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Mix: A Very Good Year

Happy New Year - I wish you a very good year 2012! Here's a mix for you, mostly with stuff I got on vinyl recently. Some of it was even released recently. I hope you enjoy it.
Big shoutout to Ben from the toys and techniques blog who sent me two amazing records featured here, The Encore Sound of 1970, a record promoting beer with soft psych songs and Who Wants To Be Free, a record promoting Jesus with soft psych songs. I hope they mostly promote their soft psych-ness within my mix. But I don't mind if you have a little beer with it.

The Encore Sound of 1970 - Market
John Sold - Jubaliness
Hauschka - Sunrise
Lotti Tauber - Mother Courage
Timmy Thomas - Dizzy Dizzy World
Claudine Chirac - Pour Mes Amis
Pye Corner Audio - November Sequence
Bruno Spoerri - Rollin'
John Innes and Bill Fasig - Who Wants To Be Free
François de Roubaix - Rendez-Vous à l'Aube
Marie Laforêt - Siffle, Siffle Ma Fille
Julee Cruise - Floating
E. Schlepper - Regen
The Encore Sound of 1970 - Cheers Everyone

Download mix and tracklist here or stream via mixcloud: