Montag, 2. Januar 2012

Mix: A Very Good Year

Happy New Year - I wish you a very good year 2012! Here's a mix for you, mostly with stuff I got on vinyl recently. Some of it was even released recently. I hope you enjoy it.
Big shoutout to Ben from the toys and techniques blog who sent me two amazing records featured here, The Encore Sound of 1970, a record promoting beer with soft psych songs and Who Wants To Be Free, a record promoting Jesus with soft psych songs. I hope they mostly promote their soft psych-ness within my mix. But I don't mind if you have a little beer with it.

The Encore Sound of 1970 - Market
John Sold - Jubaliness
Hauschka - Sunrise
Lotti Tauber - Mother Courage
Timmy Thomas - Dizzy Dizzy World
Claudine Chirac - Pour Mes Amis
Pye Corner Audio - November Sequence
Bruno Spoerri - Rollin'
John Innes and Bill Fasig - Who Wants To Be Free
François de Roubaix - Rendez-Vous à l'Aube
Marie Laforêt - Siffle, Siffle Ma Fille
Julee Cruise - Floating
E. Schlepper - Regen
The Encore Sound of 1970 - Cheers Everyone

Download mix and tracklist here or stream via mixcloud:

10 Kommentare:

  1. Happy New Year! Thanks for this and all the sounds you have brought us. Keep up the excellent work.


  2. This is great! Jubaliness! Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks SB and Ben, happy new year and Jubaliness likewise!
    (Are there any readers from Sweden who could tell us what Jubaliness means?)

  4. Well I'm from Sweden and I've never heard of Jubaliness before, sorry. Sounds like a made up word to me.
    Great, great mix!

  5. Jubaliness to you too then, Cthulhu!
    What are the lyrics about?

  6. And I'm glad you like the mix!

  7. Jubaliness is the best song ever!

  8. Jubaliness is indeed the best song ever! Reminds me weirdly of a Swedish Vince Guaraldi. Great mix.

  9. This is just brilliant. Am having trouble banishing 'Jubaliness' from my mind though...

  10. Thanks A Sound Awareness and Between Channels! Jubaliness to you!