Dienstag, 26. April 2011

TV ident month: exclusive Bruno Spoerri stuff

Swiss electronic music pionneer and jazzman Bruno Spoerri  - among many other things - composed, played and recorded the music for over 500 TV ads and for many TV idents. I got hold of two fine examples he made for Swiss national broadcast.
"Wer gwünnt?" was a very popular quiz show that was broadcasted from 1973-1977. Bruno Spoerri's title music can be found on the Spoerri-compilation "Glückskugel"  that Finders Keepers records released in 2006 (needless to say that this record is a must-have). An excerpt from the show with jingles by Spoerri can be found here.
The second video is the ident for "Schulfernsehen"(educational TV) from 1982. It made me a Spoerri fan approx. 20 years before I heard his name.

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