Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

flexi-discs from the eastern block in primary colors

I found these years ago, possibly in Berlin. All three are labeled with the Melodiya logo. The blue one is easy listening instrumentals, label in cyrillic. The yellow and and the red one are from the GDR youth magazine "Frösi". The yellow one contains songs from the FDJ (the official GDR youth organisation), among them the infamous (yet catchy) who-is-not-with-us-is-against-us hymn "Sag mir wo du stehst" ("tell me where you stand"). The red one is a feature about the conquest of the Kosmos.
All run on 33 1/3 and are double-sided.

3 Kommentare:

  1. I imagined a solemn, orchestral number - odd that it's a twangy, Merseybeat-style song. Thanks for posting!

  2. Yeah, the message is wrapped nicely, but it's extremely direct: "backwards or foward you have to decide" ... "you cannot enjoy with them and with us" ... "we have the right to recognise you" ... "I want to call you by your real name, so show me your true face"...
    The rest of that disc is more in this style:

  3. A truly chilling, Merseybeat-style song...