Montag, 29. November 2010

Camille Sauvage - 7 Drums Concerto

Camille Sauvage (aka Eric Framond) is one of my favorites in the world of library music. For 7 Drums Concerto, he formed a dream team with Nino Nardini (aka Georges Teperino), who is credited for engineering, electronics and special fx. This is mainly audible on side B. "Knockin' Bells" is the killer track here, definitely one of my favorite library tracks ever with its loud, fx-loaden percussion, heavy synth bass, random bubbling, in-your-face-bells (inspired by Henry/Colombier?) and general exaggeration. And don't miss the Voodoo ballet ("ballet vaudou") with its odd 17/4 meter, filter-beat, howling clarinets (a Sauvage speciality) and intruding cut-up-bongodelica.
Furthermore, I have the impression that Sauvage and Nardini shared a deep passion for the lovely percussion instrument called Guiro (also very prominent in many other productions of both).

I'm not planning to frequently provide full rips here, but I made this one to fill a request of zero_ii, who posted so much quality stuff on his blog that I wanted to give something back. Check his current series of library music rips - amazing stuff, among them another one of Camille Sauvage's best records, Fantasmagories.

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  1. Wow! I wasn't expecting you to rip this so soon. Thank you so much, not only for sharing this, but for the kind words as well. I have been looking for this one for years, and it has always managed to elude me. I can't wait to listen to this. I honestly can't begin to thank you enough. I hope that you won't mind if I share this on my own blog some time in January when I resume my library music posts. I would of course give you full credit for the rip and provide a link to your blog. Thank you once again and take care.


  2. @Zero: You're welcome! Looking forward to hearing your comment after you've listened to the album.
    Of course you can share it (link would be nice, yes) - looking forward to your next library series.

  3. @dispo: Of course I would provide a link to your blog if I was to share this on my own, and I would recount how generous you were in your actions by promptly ripping this also. The album was everything I thought it would be and then some. There are the kind of albums that make me absolutely love library music. It truly is a shame that many people would never be willing to give albums such as this one the time of day. I think even the term "library music" would probably scare a lot of people off. They truly have no idea what they are missing out on. I need to listen to this again when I have some quiet time though. My girlfriend was being a bit of a distraction while I was trying to listen to it, but I was still able to appreciate it nonetheless. Thank you once again my friend. Your generosity truly has been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise horrible week for me.

  4. ouh ouh ouuhh

    finally this one comes up on the worldwide download web Friendly group!
    This one is so pure an d concentrated...madness at pure state!
    thanks really for the lik, dispo, you have been in chronologics for being the first worldwid eperson to give chance to download this OPERA !
    What was happeing in strudio Ganaro at time of recording?
    You did'nt mention the alwys in guest Roger Roger to put a hand on recording this album pretentious an slightly out of focus....i mean,,,so much meat of fire...
    ordered in side 1 and 2 but i always have a feeling of early ending...maybe wanting a more structurated pattern...

    any more comments or ideas?

    This library surely stand out as a truly sprung out!
    (and delivers an idea of the fantomatic STUDIO GANARO near Paris),

    that would be any outtake left apart opr more session recorded?