Montag, 8. November 2010

A Normal Day - The Giampiero Boneschi Group

This post on the extraordinarily great toys & techniques blog made me re-check my records from the italian library music label Broadway. They released several records by Giampiero Boneschi, one of the big heroes of italian library music. His "A Normal Day" that I mentioned in my comment on t&t seems to be pretty unknown, so here's some information and sound snippets from some tracks. The catalogue number is BW 13091. All titles by Giampiero Boneschi & Sergio Farina. "A Normal Day" is a hilarious title for this rather far out music. Also, track titles like "terrorism", "delicate mission" or "it's dangerous" don't exactly sound like a normal day to me (I'm not a secret agent though).

Boneschi-A Normal Day-Snippets by dispokino

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  1. Great, Many Thanks for info dispo!


  3. Thanks very much -- that first track is especially great.