Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

Musik für eine Cigarettenlänge (on flexi-disc)

More flexi-fever: This flexible wonderful promotional gift record for the long gone cigarette brand Priméros contains "music for the duration of a cigarette". The hissing, crackling, popping, the missing frequencies and the distortion add so much to this already highly evocatice story, don't you think?

Primeros - el grito del halcon by dispokino

7 Kommentare:

  1. Nice 45 flexi. I have 1 copy in my private collection.

  2. in fact its by you i found back the come to flavor, and thats allready quiet big, but there, this is something much hide in my memory, and yes i remember this tune, the birds, amazing (remember Priméros first day, 25 cigs, 1.25 Frs, packaged style cheap try to call youngs to smoke, with that "revolutionary-pop" design etc., forgot the flexi but now... (at that time i was much smocking "Mongoles", beautiful blue with a red dragon flipping on package!)
    anyway thanks for all that and your blog is a pleasure to dig, thanks you and cheers ;^)

  3. Thanks for your comment, configuratao! Nice to hear it triggered memories. I'd love to see the design of these packages you smoked back then!

  4. well... sure the red letters were flipping, but the black of the dragon, maybe made by the red ink superposed to the blue? Ah, memory...


    they were good not too rough brown and plain
    the packet here by the price come from around 1972(?)
    maybe once would found in my "archive" one saved of these
    and check again that jumping effect...
    anyway - have a nice day
    (the vie des hommes à la maison is cool, etc.)

  5. found this wonderful flexi yesterday in the mess of a thrift store. beautiful! i remembered that i have seen it on the net before, couldn't make the connection though, but now i'm pretty sure that i saw it on here:).

  6. Cool, just found it in my stock too, but it plays on 45rpm . you played it wit 33 on sc