Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

Mix: Lasst uns auf die Reise gehn

It's vacation time!

N. and I are flying to North America. We'll take a road trip from New York to Montreal.

Let us know if you know of anything we shouldn't miss on the way.
Meanwhile here's a mix for you. Listen on Mixcloud or grab it here to listen on your mobile device while on vacation.

These are the intercontinental goodies, from French and German library, via several Swiss oddities, Jazz from Québec and Poland, Italian xian folk, to American soundtracks, theater music and electronic music pioneers.

Patrice Sciortino - Speleolien
Tanto Pressanto - Motto per Toto
Franz Hohler (feat. Bruno Spoerri) - Es cheibe Meitli
Davie Allan and the Arrows - The Chase
Michel Bühler - J'irai cracher sur vos bombes
Johan Franco - The Tempest
Thomas Wiehe and Turid Lundqvist - Shri Rama
Claude Léveillée / André Gagnon - Baie des Sables
Jean-Paul Liardet - Modal
Michal Urbaniok Group - Inactin
Peter Thomas - Evening Air C
Clover - Mr. Moon
Elfi Zimmer - L'espoir cassé
Witthüser & Westrupp - Laßt uns auf die Reise gehn
Dominique André - On The Way To The Jungle
Domenico Machetta - Pastori
Orchestra of the Broadcasting company of Democratic Kampuchea - Song Of The Boatmen
Susan Ciani - Lixiviation

5 Kommentare:

  1. great mix! looking forward to seeing you.

  2. I've just returned from a week or two 'bucket and spade' beach holiday with the kids - and wow, what a brilliant mix - so good!!!!!!!! Love the choral stuff on Tanto Pressanto - Motto per Toto - what lp is this from, love to find a copy. So many interesting bits and bobs.

  3. Thanks!
    @Ben: me too!
    @A Sound Awarness: Tanto Pressanto was a project by Ruedi Häusermann (now mostly known as a theater musician/director), with some jazz musicians and lots of children singing and playing the recorder. It existed form 1975-85. This track is from their 1985 record "Ben-Jam-In". I sometimes stumble upon a copy. Drop me an email if you want one (probably impossible to find outside Switzerland).

  4. thanks for all these wonderful mixtapes, i spent a whole day listening to them :) i would be so grateful if you can upload again this in patricular and "Guest mix: The Inner Voice And The Rhythm Of The Outside".