Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

Pharma records: Geigy's lullaby records "Fremde Wiegenlieder" for Medomin sleeping pills

Geigy Medomin Fremde Wiegenlieder (foreign lullabies) mini mix by Dispokino on Mixcloud

Swiss pharma company Geigy promoted their sleeping pills Medomin with this series of lullaby records called "Fremde Wiegenlieder" (foreign lullabies), recorded for this occasion. These are thin 7" records (somehow between a flexi and a regular 7") in thin booklet type sleeves that are a little bigger than regular 7" sleeves.
Geigy was famous for their good Swiss Style typography, with masters like Karl Gerstner and Armin Hoffmann working for them. The designer of this series remains uncredited. There's a nice book on Geigy's design.
Medomin however is banned nowadays, it was barbiturate based and thus highly addictive. Considering this fact, the slogan "sleep like a child with Medomin" paired with the images of sleeping children seems rather awkward.

Previously I posted a record from a different Medomin promo series.

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  1. The soporific music was perhaps more efficient than the barbiturates, one hope. This 7-inch series is a great discovery, finely documented, as always on Dispokino. Keep on the good work!

  2. Thanks Junko and Continuo, sleep well!