Freitag, 17. Oktober 2014

Mix: Soothing Sounds for J.

My first child J. was born this spring. To celebrate his 5 months birthday, here's a little mix to soothe the young and old folks.

With some Brazil bliss, Kraut Kitsch, Back-to-the-land romance, a Library Lullaby, greetings from the New Age, falsettos from the beach (J. loves when I sing along) and a healthy dose of sweet Morr Music from around the Millenium.

Listen on Mixcloud or download here.

F.S. Blumm - Schneeglocke
Raymond Scott - Music Box
B. Fleischmann - Drops
The Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
Michael Rother - KM3
João Gilberto - Undiú
Vashti Bunyan - Window Over the Bay
Jim Lawless - Vibes Lullaby
Laurie Spiegel - Appalachian Grove
Laraji - Essence (excerpt)
Isan - Clipper

Mort Garson - Rhapsody in Green

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