Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Projects for modernist protestant churches in 1950s Switzerland

Architectural models of protestant churches about to be built in Switzerland (in 1959). From an issue on modernist protestant churches of the seminal swiss architecture journal Werk, 8/1959.

Top to bottom:
Project for a church in Zürich-Schwamendingen by Cramer+Jaray+Paillard (an even better version was realised)
Project for a church in Reinach by Ernst Gisel (2 images), also realised quite differently.
Project for a church in Effretikon by Ernst Gisel (also got a more radical in reality)
Project for a church in in Zürich by Eduard Neuenschwander (2 images)
Project for a church in Bern Bümpliz-Bethlehem by Werner Küenzi (2 images), was built as well.

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  1. Fantastic! Great work on the follow-ups, too.

  2. I could look at these pictures all day, such beautiful design. Thank you :)