Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Zdravi ljudi za razonodu

"Zdravi ljudi za razonodu"("Healthy People For Fun" or "The Litany of the Healthy People") by Karpo Godina, Yugoslavia 1971, portrays the peoples living in the multicultural Yugoslavian province Vojvodina (today part of Serbia).
"Nations and ethnic groups in the province of Vojvodina live in harmonious coexistence. However, members of the same ethnic groups paint facades of their houses the same color -- Croats red, Hungarians green, and Slovaks blue... The film delighted audiences at the premiere and won an award at the Belgrade Documentary and Short Film Festival, but it was soon banned because of alleged subversive elements." (Motovun Film Festival).
I saw this amazing film in the cinema last night, in a programme compiled by Aleksandra Domanovic, in the context of her fantastic exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel. I featured her own work previously on this blog here.

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