Dienstag, 18. Januar 2011

Chilton Computing photo archive

Ancillary Equipment Room
Julie Bryant, John Baldwin, Eric Thomas, S I Milne, Murial Herbert 11.06.68

Scanning Lab 26.07.68

Susan Hockey Font Defining on the VT15 31.10.72

Think Room. M Beran, Institute of Hydrology, Wallingford
and Stuart Smith, Univ of Southampton (right) 00.01.73

Chess on the 360/195. Alex Bell, Geoff Lambert, Peter Kent,
 John Birmingham and J Waldron 01.11.74
CAD Centre Stand. Peter Lever (later ICL) on left 09.09.76

Families Day 06.06.78

DCS Systime 5000 used for Unix Development-
Gill Dancey and Liz Krausselar 01.01.80

Arrival First ICL PERQ- Bob Hopgood points out the label 17.02.82

Joe Roberts Retirement
Bob Hopgood makes the Presentation 30.04.84

Cray X-MP Computer 23.12.86

The photos in the archive of Chilton Computing (1961-2003) create a fascinating narrative, not only telling the history of a technology, but also of the people working with it. They have names, they are real people who get presents from their colleagues when they retire. They are excited when new machines arrive and when committees visit. They are always properly dressed (and quite often have impressive beards). We can also see them play chess, football or table tennis and enjoy the lab's own arts and crafts show.
I'm trying to avoid simple reblogging, but this post was made because this post on the wonderful Diamond Variations blog made me take a deep dive into the Chilton archive and I couldn't resist showing some of my favorite photos here. I hope that counts.
The captions are the original ones from the archive.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful! The vermillion Cray X-MP is my favourite by far.

  2. There are many more great photos of the Cray X-MP. I think it was also the only computer with an integrated cushioned bench (try that with your Macbook). I think it was mainly used for
    committee visits , to rest the technicians knee during maintenance or as the perfect background during interviews.